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My Rosie is one and I cannot believe it. Most mom's say, "Make time go slower!" I disagree. I love seeing her grow and I look forward to each new stage. If I miss having a little helpless baby around then I'll have another.

Her birthday started very early in the morning since she decided to have an awful nights sleep (due to sickness). But it wasn't entirely miserable since we were able to surprise her with her Schoenhut piano and tons of balloons! Our neighbors probably didn't like the loud piano at 6:00 am but I could care less. 

We made the plan to go to a soft playroom in Alexandria which got tons of great reviews. Pretty much it is a big room FILLED with soft everything -- A one year old's dream. Since Rosie had a pretty bad cold (tons of boogers) we made a last minute decision to not go so that all the kiddos and their parents there wouldn't have to go through what we were going through.

So instead we took her to Toys 'R Us and let her roam free. When I say it out loud it sounds kind of white trash but really she enjoyed it so much. Also, she's not at the age yet where she wants us to buy everything, she just plays with one thing and moves along. There was a McDonalds next door so naturally we thought we would move the celebration over there. I let her have a cup of ketchup which is like her OMGMOSTFAVORITETHING and she was in heaven and her clothes where trashed.

She was able to take a nap at home before we started birthday festivities part deux, aka: light a candle and sing Happy Birthday. While singing to her she kept trying to touch the flame, she is fearless. She liked her cupcake and we brought out some ice cream later which was more of a hit.  BTW do you see that big huge booger coming out of her nose? Yeah, we didn't want to touch her and make her mad, so the booger stayed! 

I hope Rosie enjoyed her day. We sure love her lots and lots.

Oh and just for journaling purposes here are some of her 1 year milestones: 

12 teeth! (4 molars, 8 front)
Says "uh-oh" "hi" "mama" "dada"
Likes to dance to music (spins, taps her foot, bounces her booty, sways her arms).
Gibber Jabbers complete nonsense while staring us down.
Doesn't nurse during the day or bedtime (only for night wakings)
Loves blowing into the harmonica.
Obsessed with the vacuum (I can only vacuum about a foot until she's on top of it)
Gives kisses out like candy. Also, she kisses random objects like the floor, the dresser, etc.
Likes playing in the bathtub with no water.
Loves "gymnastics" with Daddy. (He throws her onto the bed)
Obsessed with our Ipads. Its pretty annoying.
Started to like pacifiers, but isn't attached. It's perfect.
Has a weird fascination with trash cans and bags full of trash. Geh
Loves putting her winter coat on. She brings it to us randomly through the day to put it on her.
Hardly bites anymore (THANK GOODNESS), instead she kisses.
Super stubborn, super impatient.
Loves videos of herself.
Oh, and loves ketchup and any other dipping sauce.
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Rosie much preferred running around and getting in people's ways than the super cool animal exhibits (they really were so cool). Whatever it takes to get all of her energy out.

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