ok! finally i get to post about my night.. 2 nights ago.
ok so there is this boy that my sister tried to set me up with.
she works with his mom, and he also used to play baseball with my brother.
we chatted on facebook 1 or 2 times. max.
he goes to the University of Utah.
he happened to be in provo for a mission reunion, and suggested we meet.
i had no plans.. so what the heck.
haha. so trying to make things more comfortable i invited ness.
she declined. BOO. haha lucky her.
anyways. he told me to meet me at his companions house.
which was right by nessa's.
ok so first impressions/turn offs.
 i hope you enjoy this. cuz it makes me laugh
i'm gonna turn this into a DO NOT DO list for guys..

  • do not wear a shirt that is too tight. especially when you dont even have muscles.
  • dont wear shirts like this:

  • do not wear chunky skater shoes. how old are you?
  • do not wear an athletic wrist band (or whatever you call it) when you're not playing a sport.
  • do not brag to everyone that on your way down to provo, in your sisters car, that you tried on everything in her car. ha SERIOUSLY
  • do not high-five for every single band that we both like. oh and dont switch off from high-five to a hand shake. 
  • dont assume that we talked about everything before we met up and say "oh ya we talked about that huh." NO we didnt. we talked like 2 times! i never told you anything detailed about my life. 
  • do not make fun of byu. because as far as i can see... everything you made fun of, YOU DO
    • like dont say you are not like byu guys, cuz you know how to take a hint. oh you do? then stop texting me. hmmm.
    • dont make fun of how byu guys sit down and play guitar and sing together with their roommates. i know thats awful. but um. that is what you did the whole time. which brings me to my next DO NOT..
    • the only song that i will let a boy play for me is "Blackbird." and only one boy can do it. so the rest of you should just put away your guitars.

wow i hope he doesn't read this.
 maybe i should change the url for my blog.
yeah i think thats a must. haha

sounds like a pretty crappy night right?
thankfully he had to drive back to ogden, so he had to leave by 12
nessa and her fabulous roommates and also mike saved the rest of the night for me.
THANK YOU. i owe you.


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