slash day, has been really good
lets make a list of how my day/night has gone:

  • i'm still in my pjs
  • i got to watch some general conference
  • i've been in photoshop since noon
  • i've watched step up, sandlot, the rookie, etc.
  • i just went to arby's
    • i ate in my parked car, and actually really enjoyed it
  • i found a song that i've been searching for for MONTHS!
    • (hence my new title, thats the song)
  • i've had 2 bowls of cereal
  • i haven't seen the devil or her hubby yet
  • and now i get to go say hi to a friend
excited to go home!
oh and i'll have to write a post about my night last night.
it was horrible. ahhhh. yet amusing


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