ha i love angela!
today we had a good chat at work
i told her about the whole plan
i was nervous to..
i dont know why.. but i'm glad i did!
she filled me in with some funny info about a so-called "escape route" ahahah those two kill me.
later on we were talking about photography
and how we want to do a photoshoot
ha.. i said that we could do a roommate one but that i dont think thats such a good idea..
haha she said, "yeah, you, me, victoria, and andrew"
one big happy family
hahahaha we had our laughs.

on a side note.
i really badly want to go see Zombieland
maybe i will tonight!!
if not tonight, them for sure next week.
its halloweeeeeeen season!
you should see the office at mr network
its so spooky ;)
i'll have to take a picture and post it.


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