me and ness went to this show tonight
it was in the cutest little building
and it was the cutest little boutique
and drew danburry put on quite the show
me and ness also put ourselves out there
we really wanted to meet some new people
ness had her eye on someone
so we lingered and tried to think of a conversation starter
we finally decided to grab some grapes
...and so did he, and he started talking to us
we chit chatted, his name is tyler
and also met another friend, his name is brent
it was so fun. we were ourselves around them too
good sign right?
during all the talking we found out some very cool things
first of all.. tyler is the nephew of donnie osmond
and brent lives on capital hill in SLC
cool guys. brent decided we are friends for life
we exchanged numbers
we left. it was lovely

after the show, me and ness went to 711
we bought some yummy hot chocolates
we went and visited jared
dear old jared from the 108th ward
it was a quick little chit chat
awkward? no...  ness didn't think so



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