or in english words: i have finished
haha, many have told me that that phrase usually isn't used for something so lightly.
they say that it means more like i'm finished..like i'm a goner...like i'm dead.
which i'm not... but very very close
it is now 6:46 a.m. and i just finished my ethics and values essay
and no i never went to bed last night...
and i may have started this essay at about 1 a.m.
haha, and i'm actually at jenessa's right now too.
she's asleep on the couch next to me.
she happens to have a class that begins in about an hour.
thank goodness i dont have french til 11.

my essay. I had to write 4-5 pages on whether
 abortion is morally permissible according to utilitarianism.
  (i only wrote 3 3/4 pages)
it was very interesting to research.
its really cool to see all the different ways
you can look at a particular action such as abortion
ha i am NOT suggesting that i enjoyed writing this
paper for a class i hate so much
but hey.
i feel like i am a little smarter now.
maybe if you're lucky i'll let you read it.
jenessa thought that the first 2 paragraphs sounded smart
so hey, go me.

so one paper down...
1 physics test and
1 job interview in french to go...
for this week.
next week my french personal project is due
along with the final draft of this stupid stupid essay.


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