so i was looking at some of my saved files on my laptop
and i came across a few journal entries.
i read through them. they were quite hilarious.
and boy where there bunches of boys names flying everwhere
i thought i would show you an excerpt from an entry i wrote on April 11, 2009
too bad i'm only showing the first letter of their names
cuz if i showed you it all.. it'd be too much information (TMI)
so you can just guess. HA

"..I got home, and of course pulled out the laptop and watch more clips. While I was doing this, my apt door started to open really slowly. It didn’t scare me, I was actually pretty excited, and hoped that mayyybe it would be J____. But it wasn’t.  instead it was J_______! I love him. So I definitely wasn’t disappointed. He came over to give Allie some chocolates. But he didn’t want me to tell her he brought them. How cute huh. He asked me how I was, and I found out he’s going to be teaching Sunday school tomorrow. YAY! Love it. I’m also excited to see if M___ is going to be there. Not because I like him, but just because I like to see how it all goes. I’m weird I know. I’m also thinking that A____ won’t be there at church just because he’ll probably be going home  for Easter.. But J____ should probably be there. I sure hope so! Goodness, I love my ward. I love going to church." 

out of the 5 names up there..4 of them were different guys
(ALL from my amazing 108th ward)
oh the joy of liking 3 or 4 guys at one time
now i can't even find ONE i like! gosh.
(oh and p.s. i painted my nails dark red today...meaning its a big change...meaning something might happen in my love life..just saying)


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