me and ness have had a very fun and entertaining weekend.
we went to SLC to help her sis out with a yard sale
we went to urban to take back my halloween costume
we bought friendship necklaces that we will never take off (as seen in the picture above)
we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup at oasis cafe
we drove to pv so i could get my oil changed
we drove back to provo
we attended the party at my apt with bunches of people and awesome food
we went to a bonfire. and burned our eyes out and the smoke ruined our clothing
we talked.. about things.. boys. past present and future
i slept at her apt
we went to all three meetings at church
we had a lovely lesson on chastity
we drove to pv AGAIN
ness took pictures of the nipko family
(most entertaining photoshoot i have ever been to) i <3 them
ness went to a family party, i went to rachels
we reunited and drove back to provo
we stressed and stressed about boys...
but also learned about patience. lovely. haha it didn't help


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