lets start with last night.
my mom came to provo
and that was great to have her here!
i picked her up from the hotel
we went to nordstrom real quick
then i got all ready for dinner
we met up with mike and mike (ha) at indian palace
c'etait tres delicieuse
and it definitely went better than i expected
which is always a plus
me and my mom came back to my apt
and... went to bed!
then we woke up super super early
and i drove her to her conference...
then i was off to school to finish all my homework
which brings me to my next.. thing..
on friday my french personal project is due
i've been really stressing about it too..
what i had been planning on doing was this:
i was going to research what the french eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, dessert, etc.. well then i was gonna find the recipes, make the recipe, takes pictures, make a collage..
well after being recently laid off.. the price of all those meals would probably drain my bank account...
so i was stressing about something new
and i figured it out
i decided i wanted to do a water color of a painting that a famous french artist has done
i knew nessa had a poster in her room and i asked who painted it
she said monet
so i borrowed it, bought a canvas, and painted.
it was actually a lot harder than i thought it would be
here is the final piece

this is the original


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