i feel like this post needs to be amazing, since it is number 100.
but i'm not sure if anything really amazing is going on!
well, there might be couple things...
**i received a call from the UVU police this morning
they said that they found my red spiral notebook. hallelujah!**
what else?.....
**i have a giant red pomegranate that sherry gave me**
**i get giddy over little things like this:

even if it means nothing at all**
**i get to watch a new episode of dexter in like 30 minutes.**
**jenessa got a job at forever 21 :) haha**
**i get to go on a dinner date on wednesday to india palace!**

all these little things get me through the crappy times..
-like my roommate/co receptionist just got laid off :(
-and i have a crap-load of homework to do

The Good Outweighs The Bad!


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