ok so yesterday didn't go as planned
so the plan was to go to pv and then slc for the lights
well mike's cousin got us tickets to the christmas carol in orem
so we stayed down here, went to the play, then drove up to slc
we tried to find parking, but couldn't, so we didn't even go on temple square
instead we parked at the gateway and ate at biaggi's.
we came back to provo...
i showed him my nice new camera
we took a few pictures
i'll post some later :)
then we called it a night. we were so tired.

today's plan, that will go through
me and mike are driving up to pv
we're going to my parents sacrament
then we're having dinner up there too
we'll probably chill up there for i dont know how long
but it should be a lot of fun!

oh and did i tell you that at the end of the week i'm going to washington?
well first idaho falls, then washington
to meet his fam!!!! yay!!!!


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