was so great!
i didn't have school cuz it was study day
i quit my job, but got re-hired by my last job
i went out to lunch with mike's: sister, step sister, step sister-in-law, and future step sister-in-law
oh and also two of their babies, beck and evie. SO CUTE
it was so much fun!
we went to the pizza pie cafe which is right by my apt
after lunch, a few of us went to the mall and did some christmas shopping
lots and lots of fun
mike came and picked me up from the mall
we went to ross, and nordstrom, then to a movie.
after the movie, he said he needed to go to best buy
he told me to wait in the car...
so i did, until he pulled up next to me in MY car
to sum it all up.. for christmas, mike got something installed in my car
so now if i push a button, my car will start and begin warming up!
so no more freezing cold car during this freezing winter! :)
after that we went back to his place, made chili,
and watched the silliest movie with jonathan and satyra
i can't remember what it was called.
i'll find out sooner or later

so that was my wonderful friday!
now i need to go get ready..
me and mike are driving to PV to have lunch with my parents
then we're meeting his cousin paul and his wife in SLC
can't wait!!!


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