as you may know i started a new job
and i thought i would show you my new office
i like being by myself while working

last saturday i went and saw fantastic mr. fox
i went with mike, jonathan, and satyra.
the movie was a lot better, and funnier than i expected!
i suggest you see it if you love subtle dry humor like me

this week is the last week i have classes
my finals start next week
i'm not very excited
i've never been good at taking tests.
and i hate studying
it puts me in a bad mood

BUT.. look on the bright side
school will be out for a month
and i get to celebrate christmas in charlotte!

oh and i must complain about the snow
its started snowing 2 nights ago
i was hoping it wouldn't snow at all this year
the road are bad--everyone goes 15 mph
there is gross brown slush everywhere
and i have to get up 20 minutes earlier so i can brush off my car
i want to punch people who say they like the snow


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