Some of you may not know that my laptop had crashed...
So I haven't had it for a week...
Thankfully it is finally fixed, but it is also clear up in Pleasant View.
I have using Mike's for email and Facebook...
But not for blogging
That takes some time, and I didn't want to take his away from him for that long.
So here I am at work...
Trying to hurry and spit out a quick post.
I don't really think I'm supposed to post blogs here at work...
So pleassseee don't tell on me.
But like my subject says... I am going to DIE!!!
Not having a laptop leaves you lots of time to think...
And all of the blog ideas keep building and building...
So I have about a million.
Here are some things I want to talk about...
And I will once i have my laptop back
So I can put some thought into it..
But anyways...
The topics:
*Earthquake in Haiti: friend from class is from there..his family lives where it happened
*People who I absolutely adore that I wouldn't have met if it weren't for Provo
*Updates on school
*Updates on work (good ones!)
*Maybe a few pictures

Gosh, earlier today I had so many ideas.. and now of course I am getting a brain fart.
Probably cuz i'm typing soooo fast so I'm not on this page for too long
I really would rather not get in trouble.
Anyways, I get off in 7 minutes.
Talk to you soon! (probably Saturday or Sunday night)


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