You know that feeling you get when you can't keep your eyes open?
That horrible uncontrollable tired feeling?
Well that is how I felt THIS WHOLE DAY

So here's how my day went to be exact...
I woke up.. with about 20 minutes to get ready and drive to work
I got to work, opened the door for the agents,
then I leaned my head back on my big comfy chair,
and was in and out of sleep for an hour. (eyes closed and everything)
don't worry, I would wake up when someone would walk in the door
then I went to school.. 1 1/2 hour early...and sat at the french club booth
they were having a bake sale to raise money for Haiti
yesterday they raised 700. who knows how much they made today
My french class rocks. it was so fun.


I just received a voicemail from my Graphic Computer Applications professor

**Un Pause**

So school wasn't that bad at all.. it was probably the most awake part of my day..
Its work that is killing me haha.
And its not like there is nothing to do here
its the far opposite. i'm constantly busy. CONSTANTLY
but i still feel like i could fall asleep at any moment
for example: i was doing a project for one of the managers on excel
while i was typing i fell asleep. WHILE I WAS TYPING!!!
i think thats a little weird, and a good sign that i should take a nap as soon as i get off work.

----on a side note
here are some fun updates of my life in
----i'm going blonde in a couple weeks (don't kill me mom)
Mike's cousin's wife Rachel has a special license in hair coloring
and i'll get an excellent deal.. so why not!?!
----I love love love my Graphic Comp. App. class.
i get to be in Adobe illustrator for long periods of time
that class has my name written all over it
----Mike was in the Salt Lake Tribune for being an amazing mentor
----saturday morning i'm going with him and the whole mentor group to the aquarium in SLC. i'm stoked
----later that night we're going to a jazz game
(Mike won tickets for being the mentor of the year)...or something like that.

its going to be a very fun weekend.
just one more long day of work, school, work.


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