I've been getting mad at myself for some time now.
The reason is because I read blogs (amazing blogs) all day long.
I want to have a blog just like them!
But I have S L A C K E D when it comes to blogging.
So I am going to give it another try.

So here's a small small small update:
-I sold my Nikon D90 yesterday to a very nice man in Mapleton in order to have some cash-ola to buy a new Macbook.
-My dell is TRASH. The screen won't stay up. It is quite embarrassing
-Me and Mike went to the BYU bookstore today and bought me a new Macbook. It is so pretty.
-Wedding planning is going good.
-I have a photographer, videographer, dress, and yeah.. now we gotta figure out food and decorations. YAY
-School is out in a week or so
-I've become very fond of shopping and fashion
-It is my wish to become very fashionable EVERYDAY. Not just a great outfit here and there.. but everyday
-I fell in love with Gap this last week. Who woulda thunk it right?
-I purchased three pairs of leggings from American Apparel a few days ago. They have already arrived at my apartment.. they are just lovely.

That list was so unorganized. I do apologized. But i do feel like I had to get it off my chest.
No my blog entries can be more specific, and maybe with a pretty picture or something :)
You will just have to wait and see.
Til then, ta ta



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