At my apartment I do not open the door unless I am expecting a visitor.
It saves me from many awkward conversations with people from the ward,
And I'm also way to lazy to change out of my pjs to look more presentable.
Anyways, so here I am on a Friday morning, laying on my bed, with just a (tmi) bra and leggings.
(Oh and side note, my room's window is right by the door to my apartment)
I heard a knock on the door. I did nothing. I heard the doorbell ring. I did nothing.
I heard a knock on the door again... I still did nothing.
I then see a head pop up as if they were trying to look in my window!!
And to look in my window, through the blinds, you have to step up on the step to get a good look.
So then I notice the person trying to get as far over as they can on the step so they can really get a good look.
I am kind of creeped out right about now. I hunch down in my bed and cover myself.
I thought maybe I should pretend like i'm sleeping. But eh, I don't want to.
That was so very uncomfortable, and I wish I knew who did it so i could go get them in big trouble.
I'm not sure I'm right, but it looked like a blonde hair dude.
A blonde hair dude who was INVADING MY PRIVACY. It makes me so upset.
Hopefully my day will lead to bigger and better things so I can post a positive post.
Til then... Ta ta


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