I don't even know if I said or spelled that right.
But what it means, is that we're having a cheese party in french today!
That isn't until one. So until then, here's what i have mapped out:

-Go tanning
-Go to Allens and have them develop my B/W film

I'm kinda nervous to see the B/W pictures.
I took the pics quite some time ago..
When I wasn't engaged or dating Mr. Dickson.

So I haven't heard anything about the job yet,
But I did call and ask is the position has been filled.
The lady said she didn't know, but that everyone would be receiving an email.
I still have not received the email.. so.. HMMMM

Ok, I just decided something.
Everyday on my blog, I'll write about my day in some way shape or form...
And then at the end I'll talk about something that has to do with fashion, or just plain creativity.
I will call it..... "Fashion Note of the Day:" or of course, "Creative Note of the Day:"
I know you're probably thinking I'm quite the weirdy
But I need all of the practice/experience/put-my-self-out-there.

Creative Note of the Day:
Me and my future sis-in-law, Liz, have decided to make headbands!
She knows how to make the cute fabric flowers (the ones that I've been dying to know how to make)
I just bought 50 metal headbands from ebay, and am waiting for those to show up at my apt
Here are only a couple examples of what the headbands will look like:

-Pictures from Etsy

We aren't sure yet if we are going to put some of the finished headbands on Etsy,
Or just keep them for ourselves!
Either way I am so excited to begin this fun project with Liz!


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