Well I sure hope so!
Okay.. so in a nutshell, I've been trying to contact some modeling agencies.
I've been sending some simple snapshots of myself...

Hoping that someone will like my "look" and contact me!
Well I've heard from two places in Utah (not really saying much)
But then I got a call today, from JJ Cortez.
Thats right. The owner of Rival Management in NYC and LA

He said "I like your look" He also mentioned that i'm a little short...
Anyways.. He told me to send some pictures of me in a swimsuit with measuring tape around my waste and hips,
just so he can be be positive of what my measurements REALLY are.
I'm so anxious! Mike is going to take my pictures tomorrow morning.
I'll email him the pics and hopefully get a phone call shortly after
And hopefully he'll offer to fly me out to NYC to meet with him (that's what he mentioned on the phone)
Oh my gosh, I could not be happier, anxious, nervous, EXCITED!


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