So its 11 am on a Tuesday morning.
Depressing right?
I have my final French Oral Exam at 1 pm..
I think I will start IDK

So yesterday.
Yesterday I went tanning. MMM
I may be a little burnt.. :) oops
I stopped by Rubio's where Mike and Liz were eating lunch.
And of course cute little Beck was there.
I had to go straight from Rubios to my interview.
I thought it went really well.
I haven't heard from them yet, so maybe it didn't. ha
I went to work. BLAH BLAH BLAH MRN.
Then me and Mike got Mike's sister some flowers.
She had surgery so we took her flowers at the hotel she was staying at.
The rest of the fam was in the pool.
Cute little Evie was loving the hot tub.
We went to Ness's apt for an hour or so to visit and bring her pizza.
Then back to Mike's house to watch Modern Family..
And Southpark of course :)
Thats how my day went yesterday.
Nothing fun planned for today.
Wish me luck on my test!


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