Angela moved out of the apt a few days ago.
Her clean, empty room screamed my name.
So this morning, I moved everything from my room to hers.
I have bags and bags of garbage
And clothes beyond clothes piled on my new bed.
I'm going to wait to put everything away tonight when Mike can help me.
Its a big disaster, haha, minus food crumbs, and garbage. HURRAY
I'll be sure to post a pic when my room is completely put together.

Creative Note of the Day:
So... Me and Liz are going to a gun store today..
Yep you heard right.
We're going to get "brass"
Its an emptied bullet.
And guess what we're going to do with them?
Headbands, bracelets, necklaces.. etc...
Can you believe it?
I'm so excited!
So far, our future business name could be:
Liz & Em's Bullet Boutique
Cute right?
Well I'm going to get ready for the day, so we can go get some bullets



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