Today I've been a little emotionally out of it...
So I turned on Andrew Bird and decided to look at my old blog.
I used to have a blog that I used ALL THE TIME.
I wrote at LEAST one post a day.
If you're curious at all, here is the link:
The url wasn't always "emmyandmike"...
But I changed it when Mike and I were engaged
I was planning on making it a couples blog..
But decided to make a brand new one.

Looking through it made me miss my nice camera.
I used to have a Nikon D90
It took amazing pictures
What I like about it most is that I could edit all the pics I took
If you didn't know, I'm obsessed with Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
I could edit pictures all day and night.
Its kind of the main reason I bought the camera.
Sad thing is that I had to sell the camera because I needed a new computer.
I miss it TERRIBLY.
I'm hoping now that I have a job, I can buy a new one.
I want to be able to take NICE pictures of future children and pets!

Another thing that I've been doing today is looking at picture of celebs with short hair..
My hair is so so so damaged
I just want to chop it all off
Here's one of pictures I've been looking at...


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