I tried doing everything on the to-do list...
But only one thing ended up done.

I looked in the garage for the wedding gift I was going to return but I couldn't find it.
So there was no way to take it back.

I went to Fred Meyer to buy some hangers,
But of course they didn't have the ones I wanted.
I called Mike and he said to just wait til he was home and we could both go to Walmart to purchase the hangers.
So the hangers were eventually purchased...

To actually clean our room, we need hangers.
Since we didn't get those til the evening, I didn't clean the room.

There was an attempt
Something was accomplished
Maybe not everything...
But theres room to improve right?

I want to make a new list for tomorrow:
--Clean the room! (hang everything up)
--Do the laundry (ALL OF IT)
--Look for jobs online
--Stop looking at puppies online

I'm pretty confident I can do all of these things.
And of course, I will let you know how I did tomorrow.

Until then,
Have a lovely night :)


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