I cannot believe it is already Friday!
Has this week been a crazy one or what?!

The firm has been chaotic.
Tom is out of town,
Rob and Kevin have been in trial,
Laura took off the last 2 days,
So that means there have been ZERO attorneys in the office
That equals a lot of unhappy clients who like to take out their frustration on me.
One man, Ray Schuler, was the biggest a-hole on the phone.
I don't even want to write about it, because it just infuriates me.

Enough about work...
Since I'm so horrible at blogging everyday,
I'm going to do a quick sentence or two for what we did this week.

Monday: I honestly don't even remember

Tuesday: Panda Express and Baskin Robbins. That evening we went to Walmart and purchases Band Hero! Very happy with that purchase.

Wednesday: Mike brought me flowers during work! After we went to the Puyallup Fair with the gang! Fun rides (Wildcat!! ;), delicious food, and games!

Thursday: We babysat Vic and Graham, at yummy tomato soup, bought a kitchen table and chairs from Target, watched Time Travelers Wife

Friday: Road trip with the whole fam! We're going to take a tour inside a nuclear reactor. I have absolutely no idea what to expect.. so wish me luck!!


kara lynn said...

sounds so fun!

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