Day Two: A picture of your celebrity crush and 5 things you would do with them.

Ok this one is easy peasy for me.
But I'm going to have to tweak this challenge a little.

Johnny Depp is and always will be my celebrity crush
Johnny Depp
HOWEVER.. I can't seem to bring myself to type 5 things I would do with him 
while my husband is in the next room.

So these are 5 things I would do with him if we were like good pals (so ridiculous, I know)
  1. Make him talk to me in his Jack Sparrow voice
  2. Play with his kids
  3. Take LOTS of pictures with him
  4. Get a tattoo with him
  5. Go to the Academy Awards with him


mel said...

ahhh you gotta love johnny! :)

Anonymous said...

I love him too, Depp-ly handsome! ;) Yep I am Irish Lass true & true, I would definatly recommend a visit...lots of fun!

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