These will be the main topics that I will be posting about during the week. 
If you have any suggestions or comments please do let me know!

This is where I'll post items I have recently purchased (clothing, accessories, makeup, hair product, etc) and then I'll do a short review on those things.

Anything goes for this day. I get to talk about whatever I want to. 

I will talk about what is going on in Mike and I's life. I'll share photos and talk about the good times and also the difficult times.

This is where I'll put up favorite blogs, links, youtube videos, etc. I'll also post some Youtube videos of my own (one is coming very soon actually!)

I will talk about my struggles with depression. It will be hard, but I want to be completely honest and have no filters. I want people to see a blog that isn't try to cover up any pain or loneliness.

Once a week (and twice if I get to it) I will post pictures of me in a favorite outfit I wore that week. I'll also post where I bought each item of clothing and accessory.


paola said...

i really really like how you styled the post! i'll look foward for those topics!

thobeka said...

look forward to your posts!

Emecè said...

Of course, I also follow you:)
Byeeeee ;)

Lauren Ellingham said...

Great layout for that post. New follower for you dear!


Sara Louise said...

Really good idea! This is the first post on your blog I've read but your plan sounds great :-)
And I love the layout!

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas... and Lovely Blog!
Now following! ;)

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