In a previous post I mentioned that I worked as a legal secretary at my father-in-law's law firm.
When I started this job about a month ago I didn't own a single item of business clothing.
Thankfully Mike took me shopping and bought me 4 or 5 outfits I could wear to work.
Its kind of fun taking business-y clothing and adding my own little touch.

For example: adding bright red lips (1st picture I'm wearing red lipstick, but its too small to see), or wearing a blouse with cute ruffles (2nd picture). Even just adding a color cardigan to an outfit really brightens up your outfit.

I know taking pictures in a bathroom is so... I don't know.. Myspace.
But a girl's gotta blog, therefore, come up with blogging material.

I apologize for the grainy phone pictures.
Maybe one day i'll be a little better at this


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