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  1. Revlon Photo Ready Coverup- I've used it for only one day, but already really like it! It has more of a dewy look which is a good change since I've always gone with a matte coverup. Since I got it at Walmart there was no testing before buying, so I put 2 shades up to my face and my husband told me what color matched up the best. It ended up being the right color. Hooray! (this is the same makeup llymlrs uses)
  2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish PRO in Steel Grey Nail Polish- Grey matte polishes are so in this fall and I love it! I saw a few great reviews on this Rimmel London polish and decided to try it out for myself. The color isn't grey grey. It's more of a mauve-ish grey which I like even better. The brush is wider than most and it makes for much easier application. I usually make a HUGE mess but this time didn't make a mess at all. It dried within a minute and it feels like it's going to stay on for a long time. I'll probably only be buying Rimmel polishes from here on out.
  3. Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser- (In the picture it says its a moisturizer but I really purchased the cleanse) I love all Aveeno products, so I definitely trust using one of their facewashes. I really like it because it isn't a very harsh cleanse.  My face doesn't feel extremely dry and sensitive when I'm done washing it. At the same time, I feel like my face is very clean and even has a nice "radiance" about it (hehe cheesy). I definitely recommend this Cleanser to anyone!
  4. Vintage Gold Watch- I purchased this watch last week and received it in the mail today! I absolutely love it! If you are interested at all in vintage jewelry you must go to Geisha Pearl's online store. I really wish I could've bought more things, but there are just too many bills to pay for (sigh). I'll be posting pictures of it (on me) in an upcoming post. Thanks Kitty! (check out her store here and her blog here)


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All Made Up said...

nice buys :) I love the Revlon colorstay makeup but havent tried the photo finish yet... I've heard it's almost glittery (kinda has a sheen to it or something) which really put me off! Might treat myself this weekend though cos I'm sure it's worth a try

Been meaning to pick up some Aveeno products recently cos I'm sure i'm the only person in the whole world who hasnt tried them yet!! Honestly I've heard such brilliant reviews so it's top on my shopping list :)


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