Day 10: What do you look for in a guy/girl?

Well I find this question a little boring since I am no longer looking for a guy.
But lets rewind about a year or so ago and I'll tell you what I used to look for in a guy.

--Taller than me
--Big Hands
--Bad boy-esque
--Not too skinny
--Good shoes

Day 11Nicknames I have, and why I have them...
  • Em - duh 
  • Emmy - duh again - My parents and sisters call me this the most.
  • Nem, Nem Snitch, or Nemwee - all founded by my BFF Jess
  • Emilles - Given to me by my BFF Whit. We were Emilles & Whitts (like kibbles and bits)
  • Snot - My 7th, 8th, & 9th grade Spanish teacher, Mr. Reese, called me this and only this. Its because it sounds like the beginning of my maiden name (Sanofsky - Sanof - Snot) 
  • Nazi - Long story short, it sounds like the last party of my maiden name (Sanofsky - nofsky - nazi) That is what I was called all of high school by my close guy friends. My mom did not like this nickname.
  • Wazowski - another high school nickname. Apparently my last name reminded them of this name.
  • Bemz & Emmers - Both were nicknames my family called me when I was little little. 
  • Babe, Baby, Honey - Say hello to being married


Sara Louise said...

I'm either Baby or Skippie the Dictator. Both acquired after marriage.

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