Day 14: Someone/something you miss

I miss these kiddos.
My nieces and nephews

and of course Lizzie & Beck


Tanya said...

Hey girl! Loved ur blog!! Congrats!

hugs from Brazil!

Lizzie B. said...

I miss you toooooo! And so does beck. I can't WAIT to see you at xmas! We are going to have soooooooo much fun.

Jaimie Scoville said...

what about all the other kiddos???haha

Jaimie Scoville said...

and what about me!? you guys need to call me sometime!

Sara Louise said...

Such cute kids! I have two nieces and a nephew I never get too see either, I can't wait for Xmas!!

Erin said...

Cute!!! They miss you too, Katie was making up some story/play fantasy with you in it the other day.

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