Day 19: Friends...

I am SO picky about my friends.
I've never had like a big group of girlfriends.
I'm more of a 1 or 2 best friends, and the rest of you stay away.
But the 1 or 2 or 3 bffs that I have.. Wow. bff's til the end.
They are the best. And I miss them so much!

Jenessa, Ness, or Nessa -- Ness and I seriously share brainwaves. We always get each other's dry, sarcastic, awkward humor... oh I miss that humor. I miss you girl! Ness was all about experiencing new things. Like going to small cozy little concerts, hitting up Sundance Film Festival, making "I heart you Josh Hogge" t-shirts, and then wearing to his games, which, I won't lie, was a tad awkward. hahaha. Ness.. I miss our togetherNESS.. ha sorry I couldn't help myself.
Jessica, Jess, Ritch -- Oh Jess. Jess is my only best friend that is actually my age. When Jess and I get together, we are just so goofy. We make up weird words, songs, laughs, expressions, and people. One of the people we made up is Judy Summers...she even has her own Facebook page. We've known eachother since we were 3, and lets just say, we still play like we are 3. Oh how I loaf her.
Whitney, Whit, Whitts -- Whit was my very first roommate in college and oh my, did she make my freshman experience the best ever. To sum up Whit and I... OUT OF CONTROL. We'd scooter across town, we'd watch Step Up 2 about three times a day, we'd eat sliced cheese, chips, and Dr. Pepper, OH and we drove to Vegas, hung out on the strip, and drove back to Provo, all within 24 hours. We even had a blog... www.emillesandwhitts.blogspot.comYeah, us liked to party ;)


Diana Smith said...

Im seriously the same exact way! I have only had a few really really good friends! Thats awesome, those pictures are cute!

Whitney Faun said...

f.s.f.l. :):)
boys call us sexy....
true loves = :the format
:step up 2(orgasmic)
:our scooter fam
:each other


ps:what is the female term for bromance?!?

carlotta said...

I'm totally the same way as well...I have three best friends. I know a lot of other people, but I'm not close enough to them to invite them over, etc.

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