Day 20: What is your favorite movie?

Lets just say that this movie used to be a slightly big huge addiction of mine.
Any friends and family of mine would agree with me...
And boy am I excited for the FOURTH movie to come out in 2011

This movie began my unrequited obsession with Johnny Depp
-I collected any picture I could find of him
(keep in mind it was 2003 so internet wasn't huge back then)
-My parents would bring home anything Pirates and/or Johnny Depp that they came across
i.e. Notebook, Lunchbox, Magazines, etc.
-Pirates/Johnny posters & calendar filled my room
-And I even drew pictures of him...
Ignore the writing.. it was an inside joke w/me & my girl Whit

Now all I want is something like this to remember the good ol' days


Diana Smith said...

Ohh yeah! Johnny Depp! Love the skull ring, so cute!

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