Day Four:  Top 10 Pet Peeves
  1. Loud laughers in theaters
  2. Iphone snobs 
  3. When parents put their kids on leashes
  4. Pushy kiosk people in the mall
  5. Justin Bieber haircuts
  6. Huge tacky flower headbands for babies
  7. Ke$ha - ew
  8. When people diss on Johnny Depp
  9. Over weight people in bikinis
  10. One-uppers
(This video is an example of the ultimate one-upper, it is SO funny)

Now tell me, what are some of your pet peeves?


Anonymous said...

yay! EVERY ONE of your pet peeves i'd have to agree with! except i'd have to throw in i hate chunky beaded watches :/ i mean no offense to those who wear them....
they just gross me out. haha.

<3 your blog!

Sara Louise said...

Ah... iphone snobs!! I don't understand why the iphone always has to be out of the purse, and set right next to them on the table or on the bar, and then glanced at every thirty seconds,

And Ke$ha is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. She bugs.

thobeka said...

Definately iphone snobs AND people that chew with their mouths open - i really don't need to hear or see what your food takes like!

okay, im done :)

Collette Osuna said...

Hi there...just saw your blog link...super cute blog...and love your pet peeves too:)

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