Day 25: Your first love

Ok as most of you know, I am married
So of course I feel a little weird talking about my first love...

Until I realized that we're talking about high school love...
Which is humorous really...
So now I don't feel so bad writing about my first so-called "love"

I met this boy named Brandon when I was 14 yrs old at EFY.
(I wish I had the picture of us when we were 14 -- braces galore)
We stayed in contact and started dating when we were 17..
It was a long distant relationship that lasted about 6 or 7 months
Anyways, this is a picture of when I drove down to Provo to go Brandon's Prom
And I think that dance was the last time I ever saw him.

pinnin the flower

Sorry for the bad picture


Diana Smith said...

That is so cute! Yeah I would feel awkward talking about my first love too since I am married! I would love to see the braces picture. I only say that cause I had braces too and its just so funny!

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