Day 26: A habbit you wish you didn't have

Biting my nails.
Always had this habit.
It sucks, plain and simple.


Lately I've been listening to Fiona Apple
Mike introduced her music to me this week...
and it has already become an obsession

I love how 90's this video is


.:Trevin and Randee:. said...

Fiona Apple is one of my favorites!!! Good choice!

Sara Louise said...

I used to LOVE Fiona Apple in the 90s (I've just revealed how very old I am... oops). Fiona was the 90s!

Red Boots said...

I bite my nails too, sporadically. I can go for ages without biting them, so they'll get quite long, then on particularly boring/stressful days I'll have bitten them without realising... :(

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