In Tacoma we have one of the biggest Forever 21 stores.
It is right up there with the New York and Vegas Forever 21.
It is HUGE, and Mike and I toured the whole thing.
I got a bunch of new fashion-y clothes for not very much at all.
(tunics, sweater dress, printed leggings, booties, maxi skirt)
I finally feel somewhat content with my wardrobe and don't spend all day coveting all you bloggers with your fabulous clothes ;)

HOWEVER, something was still missing.
When Mike and I get home from a long day at work...
 I usually change into something more comfy than a pencil skirt and heels.
That usually consists of a giant t-shirt and ugly flannel PJ bottoms that are 2 sizes too big.
I have never owned a cute pair of sweats in my life.
The sweats that I've had have all been from my high school volleyball team--BORING

So I finally gave in and spent some money on some cute Victoria Secret sweats...
and WOW it was worth it -- I absolutely love 'em

l to r: Signature Pullover HoodieBlack Boyfriend Pant

I may have bought one other thing at VS....
Yep, that's right, I had to do it...
the Bombshell bra
This bra is ridiculously padded -- 2 cup sizes worth of padding!

You will laugh when you feel the padding 
(if you haven't already)


Diana Smith said...

ahhh I love forever 21! That is so awesome you have a huge one! We probably have a 1/4 of the size you do. I love Tacoma! I have family there we were there in October and it was really nice! you guys have H & M which I am super jealous over too!

Sara Louise said...

I am totally going to get that bra!
There's a little something for you over on my blog...

Courtney said...

I think I screamed out loud when I felt that sucker! Haha it is SO padded! You could get lost in the padding :)

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