Were any of you addicted to Myspace about 2 or 3 years ago? I definitely was,
My account is still up and running, but I haven't logged in for like a year.
But out of pure boredom, I logged on today.
I went directly to my photo albums and MY GOSH,
there were typical Myspace photos left and right
So I got the idea to make somewhat of a collage and show you how ridiculous this is...

So here are some Myspace pics from age 17-19 (not in order)


And I thought I'd end this post with a current pic.
BUT, since it's almost 2 am, there is zero lighting, and I don't even have a normal camera.
So here you go, probably the crappiest pic of them all!
(gosh I look so tired and old!)
(here is how I did my hair)


Diana Smith said...

haha this is awesome! I was a myspace junkie and loved the webcam pics. They are so awesome! Your blog is way cute!! i am excited to follow you!!

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