I have officially received my first blogger award!
Sara from Sara In Le Petit Village has awarded my 
blog (and 6 others) with the Stylish Blogger Award!
Um, COOL! Thank you Sara!

There are a few rules that come with this award:  

--You must thank the person who gave you the award
--You must share 7 facts about yourself
--You must award 10 new bloggers with the award
(and comment or tweet them so they know that they won!)

7 facts about me:
  1. I refuse to watch movies with Anne Hathaway in them - I'm beginning to get annoyed with Katherine Heigl as well.
  2. When I was 8 I got stitches in my knuckle from cutting my Barbie's hair - OW
  3. I secretly wish I would've stuck with dance instead of sports - I've been watching Step Up 2 too much...
  4. I have been hit by a foul ball twice at baseball games - And I was hit in the eye with a baseball in my neighbors backyard. That was a huge black eye...
  5. I really like math. I wish I could take more math classes - NERD!
  6. I absolutely love Indian food - Chicken Tikka Masala please, thank you.
  7. I sleep in the fetal position every night - Mike thinks that something tragic happened to me when I was little... I don't remember a thing!

10 stylish bloggers (+1)


Diana Smith said...

CUTE!! Thanks so much Em!! I am so going to do this. Love your blog! You are such a cool girl!

jennab said...

Thanks Emily!! :) Yay I am stylish! haha

.:Trevin and Randee:. said...

Thanks emily! That brightened my day!

Sara Louise said...

I'm a fetal sleeper too. It's just cozier than way :-)

Rach said...

Saaaweet! I feel special. I agree- Anne Hathaway is annoying.

Jenna Robert said...

Thanks for the shout out! Oh, and I like math too.

Bridget said...

thanks for tagging me, girl!

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