• Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara - I use this kind regularly. Just need some more! Plus, every Christmas my mom would buy me a new mascara and put it in my stocking. I gotta keep the tradition alive since we won't be in PV for Christmas (sigh).
  • Britney Spear's Fantasy Perfume - Mike says this is the best perfume. I better get some so he doesn't try to smell it on other girls ;)
  • Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation - Little pricey, but when it comes to your skin & face it is so worth it. The only nice foundation I've ever used it MAC, so I'd like to try something new!
  • Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera - I use to have this but I sold it because I had to buy a new laptop. I miss it dearly. We desperately need a camera because neither of us have one! I know lame right? We've been married almost 5 months and have none of it in photographs (except for our wedding duh). It's about time we step it up. AH! I want!!

What are YOU asking for Christmas!?!


Diana Smith said...

Fun christmas list! I love that mascara and make up. I have never smelled the britney spears perfume, but I bet its yummy!

Christine Dickson said...

I use that mascara and love it! I think that Santa can definitely leave you some of that in your stocking. What color perchance do you like?

Christine Dickson said...

What happened to Mike's point & shoot? Does he still have his video camera?

Emily Dickson said...

Mike's point & shoot is down in Idaho for some reason..We need to get that sometime for sure. And yes he has his video camera.

I like the "very black" color in the purple tube :)

Sara Louise said...

I use the Chanel Mat Luminere and I love it!

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