Day 30: A picture of you last year & now and how you have changed since then.

This was me last year:

black hair

Black long healthy hair
Bangs.. I was always pinning them back
Clueless about hair and make up
On accutane
No clothing style whatsoever
Starting to seriously date Mike
Still had my Nikon D90 (can you tell?)
Just finished my 3rd semester at UVU
Working at Mr Network
broker than B R O K E
Living in Utah

Am I forgetting anything? hmmm

This is me now, like right now:

(taken with my phone.. sorry!!!)

  • Brown w/some ombre hair- Not as healthy, but working on it. And sorry you can't see the ombre..It's best seen when my hair is straight, which is usually how I have my hair. It also doesn't help that it is a phone pic.
  • No more bangs!
  • I'd say I have some style now, right?
  • I've discovered how to put on makeup.. ha I'm such a late bloomer
  • Married! - Mike is actually the reason I have some style.. He used to pick out my outfits everyday. Isn't that so great?
  • Finally I'm not broke. Mike and I are so on top of our bills and so great at saving now. Seriously what happened to us? How shall we be rewarded? Oh thats right, awesome Christmas presents :)
  • Pretty much have my associates degree now. Minus 1 or 2 classes
  • Working at my father-in-law's law firm
  • Living in Washington

Oh wait there's more

Want to know why my hair when from long silky smooth to shorter unhealthy broken hair?
Well maybe because I went from black to blonde. Not so smart.
It was so damaged I had to cut it short then dye it a little darker.
It was fun being blonde.. Too bad it'll never happen again!

This was taken in March '10


Diana Smith said...

Thats so fun! Your hair is all different colors and you can definitely pull them off!! I love how you say your husband has given you style haha

Kara said...

Hi Emily! Just found your blog. I like the idea of doing this kind of post towards the end of the year to see how far you've come. Looks like you've had a successful and happy year, hope the next one is great too!

xx Kara

kirstyb said...

oh i lvoe being blonde but i know what you mean - my poor hair xxxx

Sara Louise said...

You look so happy in your now picture!
And I'm totally jealous that your husband picks out your clothes, I have to pick out my husband's... homeboy is clueless!

Meggie Gurtler Photography said...

Ah you are so lucky you look great with blonde and brown hair! Isn't it surprising how much we can change in a year? And I hope you get your D90 back for Christmas! I would be lost without a good camera :)

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