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I know, I change the look of this blog every damn day. I've done this ever since I got a blog.
I get new ideas constantly and want to change things immediately. Sorry Sorry Sorrrrrrrry.
I guess I can do whatever I want with my blog until it is finally January 1, 2011 --
Then I should make it a New Year's resolution to stick with my blogging style.. Or not

So what's been going on in my life? Or should I say in Mike and I's life..? Whatever.
Since I never really say much about our lives, let me give you a little update.
Lets start with Mike. Mike Mike Mike.. Hmm. Well how far do we go back? 
Let's just do as far back as I can currently remember. I'll just give you some key words:
Xbox, guns, fitness, fitness, and more fitness, books, work, new church calling, etc.
Now let me expand on a couple of those briefly. I'll start with guns.
I got Mike a new gun for Christmas (When I say "I" I really mean he bought it and I wrapped it)
So now he has.. let's see... four guns. Two hand guns, one shotgun, and one rifle.
It would be an understatement to say that I feel safe here.
And now his fitness. (Sorry if this is boring to those of you who don't know him)
Mike got a gym membership and works out everyday. Yep, I'm proud of him for it.
When he has got a goal in his mind he does everything it takes to reach that goal.

Alright now lets talk about me. Lets see if I can shorten my life into a few key words.
Work, camera, music, Dr appt., new church calling, blah mine aren't as cool.
Some of you know that I got a new DSLR for Christmas from Mike.
Mike and I were so proud that we could give each other big gifts this Christmas...
Working full time really pays off. Literally. Ha, so clever.
My mom is probably wondering what my new church calling is.. So I'll tell you.
Me and Mike are in charge of the 5 yr olds in Primary. You're thinking, "ahh cute!"
Ha guess again. It is WORK! These kids are nuts! They are all over the place.
The good thing is that they don't really know what we're talking about or whats going on,
So we could literally play head-shoulders-knees-and-toes the whole time if we wanted.
So about my doctor's appointment. I left very disappointed. Gosh dang you Doctor.
He told me everything I already knew and didn't provide me with any good solutions.
So until I can find a new doctor I'm going to be going to the gym with Mike
Because I know there are millions of happy endorphins just dying to be released from my body.

Sorry for such a long post! I looked at some of my old posts and there is hardly anything to them.
And I'm terrible at calling anyone in my family to update them on my oh so boring life...
So I'll do a better job of that by blogging. Your welcome Mom & Sisters. Oh and you Ness.

p.s. No point for the picture. Just something random that I edited. I'll be doing that a bunch.
p.s.s. Sorry Mom for the small lettering. I bet you pulled out your glasses for this one. Am I right? :)



Diana Smith said...

You should do more posts like this! I enjoyed reading it! We taught 5 years old about 2 years ago and man that was hard. It was great birth control and every sunday we just felt like we were babysitting! I hope it gets better!

elise said...

i think this layout looks really lovely and very tidy!
being in charge of 5 year olds must be hard work, well done! x

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