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Last night, Mike surprised me with a Snuggie -- Um best present ever! 
For reals, these things were created for me. I am the laziest creature you will ever meet. 
I could seriously spend hours & hours on my couch playing on my computer.
Also, our heater doesn't work so it is FUH REEZING in our apt. Its ridiculous.
So my nerdy laziness plus my ice cold apartment equals a great need for a SNUGGIE
Thanks Mike! You just won yourself 3-5 hours of Xbox time. haha



Christine Dickson said...

get a little space heater until they get your heating fixed - or come borrow our!

hayley said...

my dad bought me one when i moved back in with him, and he's really tight on heating so it was so sweet but i never ever use it! must start using it though!

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