Chapter 1: Meet and hang out

It was Sunday, Novemer 23, 2008. That's right, I was EIGHTEEN
We were both in the BYU 108th ward.
While I was sitting in Sunday School, I was called out to get a calling.
There were about, hmmm, 5 or 6 of us waiting in the hallway to get new callings.
I stood next to these 2 guys that I had never seen before.
It was Mike and his roommate, Mitch.
We chit chatted for a little bit, nothing special.
It was then my turn to go talk to one of the bishopric to get my calling.
When I walked out, Mike and Mitch were still in the hallway.
I walked past them, said something, and apparently gave Mike the "I want you" glance.

(I didn't know I did that, but Mike said I did. 
He  said that it was the first time he noticed my eyes)

To be honest, I don't really remember thinking anything special.
I didn't really remember Mike after that.
PLUS I had a boyfriend, duh duh duhhhh.

Then one day I got a friend request from him and a message:


The convo went back and forth a few times
And of course Mike had to put a clever pick up line in there:


I definitely smiled and blushed at that for sure.
BUT, remember, I still had a boyfriend.

A couple weeks went by...
Mike and I facebook chatted a time or two
He found out I had a boyfriend
I found out he was 24
And that he was previously engaged.

Well, I was getting pretty bored of this boyfriend.
He had no "bad boy" in him at all.
So I ended it... And soon after messaged Mike to tell him the news.

A night or two later, Mike called me and invited me over to his house.
We watched Dane Cook and hung out in his room.
We played a game he made up.. and it ended with us kissing.
He's smooth right? Oh and HE kissed ME.. he claims I kissed him. NOT TRUE.
From then on I was HOOKED. Like.. Obsessed.

And for the next month couple of months we'd hangout and kiss.
Hangout, Kiss, Hangout, Kiss, Hangout... and Kiss.
Sorry I'm mentioning the kissing so much... But that was what we did.
He told me I was the best kisser he's ever kissed...
And if you know Mike, you know he's kissed many
Many might even be an understatement

I was so into Mike... But I don't think he was way into me.
He was playing extremely hard to get. EXTREMELY.
He never really said romantic things, or really nice things.
We never went on any special dates.
He drove me crazy, but I was still smitten.

And then one night we were about to go to a bonfire with my roommates.
We were about to get out of the car, and that's when it happened.
He started giving me the "You're too young" speech.
And how he needed to be in a steady relationship because he's at that time in his life.
So pretty much he dumped me, so he could be steady with someone else?
Makes no sense right! I was so mad at my age at that moment.

I drove him home.. He gave me a hug.. He walked inside..
And I cried like a little baby. My world was shattered.

And that is the end of Chapter 1
Nice ending right? hahaha



Diana Smith said...

This is super cute! I love the facebook convo too! You guys are such a great couple!

Randee Lynn said...

Keep going keep going!! This will be my new book haha lol

Rach said...

Oh I love this! Can't wait to hear the rest.

Sara Louise said...

I love how you've written this with the FB messages in the middle, very clever!

Lizzie B. said...

Love it........i have only heard it from mikes side so this is very very interesting. Haha. Mike left out many of these details. Hmmmmmmm

Eloise said...

What a smooth line. Too cute.

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