Chapter 2: The Dumped Life

Ok where did I leave off? Oh that's right, I was dumped.
We weren't even boyfriend/girlfriend,
So I guess you could call it a hangout dump. BOO.

Oh and did I mention that my roommates never liked him
So they were all pretty happy about.
They all wanted me to go for a different guy in the ward...
I'll get to that in a moment....

Anyways...So there I was, living my life without Mike.
I texted him one night to see if he wanted to go for a walk..
But he never replied -- I really regretted sending that text.

I'd usually see him at Church every Sunday but
We wouldn't ever talk. 
I'd talk to his roommates.. Mainly Mitch.
But never Mike.. it sucked..

I'd attend every church activity, hoping he would be there.
He usually wasn't... BOO again.

One night I went on Facebook and saw this:

My heart stopped and my stomach dropped.
I felt sick, and horrible, and empty.
It was over with us wasn't it?
I immediately texted Mitch to ask who she was.
He replied with, "She's an annoying, less hotter version of you."
Thanks Mitch :) That was semi-comforting.

I then went on to Facebook stalk her but her profile was private.
But since I'm an amazing Facebook stalker, I eventually got to her pictures.
I looked at them and thought,  I don't think she's THAT pretty.
Maybe he likes her because she's short and has big boobs...
Two physical characteristics that I most definitely don't have.

As much as I could criticize her looks, 
it still didn't change the fact that Mike was with someone else.
And I would have to force myself to move on.

It was a hard time for me! I was so sad and depressed
I'd see a car over at his place and assume it was hers.
But with time.. a lot of time.. I began to think less and less of Mike.
BECAUSE there were 2 boys in the ward who had my attention

They both seemed to flirt with me...
Both were very handsome
They both let me ride on the back of their scooters.. haha
They were just really fun guys!
Fun guys who took my mind off of Mike.

One of their names was Jared. I liked him a little bit more.
He was the one that my roommates wanted me to be with.
Jared was a good friend of mine.
He knew that I used to have a thing with Mike.
He knew that Mike wasn't ever that nice to me...
Remember that... It'll come back in Chapter 3

Anywho, things were going good!
I wasn't seeing anyone exclusively, but that was okay
I'd hang out with Jared every once in a while.
I was having the time of my life with my roommate, Whit
I didn't think it would be possible to get over Mike,

But I was proving myself wrong



Diana Smith said...

What a crushing site to see him in another relationship! I would have fb stalked her too...glad things worked out, can't wait to read more!

Lizzie B. said...

I didn't like that chick either, I always was team Emily!!!!!!!!! I need More more more chapters please!!!

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