Sorry for the wait everyone...
This weekend I was super busy cleaning & rearranging the apt.
I'll write a post about it sometime
 But without further ado, I give you:

Chapter 3 Part 2

I started hearing from Mike a little more.
Maybe once a week.. It wasn't very much.
It was always to come over late & watch a movie at his house.
I was okay with that -- Any time spent with him made me happy.

HOWEVER, it just wasn't enough.
There was no talk of commitment, and that bothered me.
So, I started to pursue things with Jared.

I had a really big crush on Jared,
So when he showed signs that he liked me, I started to go for it
We spent a lot of time together...
We weren't bf/gf but probably at that stage right before it.

But someone Mike started to distract me. Here's how:
He would send me texts to hang out.. While I was with Jared.
And being the mean person that I am, I would text him back, while I was with Jared.
And then I would do something even worse!
I would go over to Mike's after I was done hanging out with Jared.
Ahh I'm so mean! Which brings me to this next part....

You know when you do something bad and you say that you'll never EVER get caught?
And then you happen to go somewhere at the wrong time, and get caught?

Well that happened to me... Let me tell you what happened...
It was a Friday night and I got a text from Mitch. (remember he is Mike's roommate)
He asked if I wanted to hang out with him and Mike.
I said yes, and started to get ready for the night.

While I was getting ready I got a phone call from Jared...
I didn't answer it because he was probably calling to hang out,
and since I already had plans, I didn't want to turn him down.

Soon after, Mike & Mitch came over to pick me up.
Our plan was to go to a movie, but that fell through. (that's another story)
So we just drove around trying to think of something else to do.
We decided to pick up some snacks from Smith's.

When we drove in the parking lot I saw a vespa scooter...
The type of scooter that Jared sometimes drives around on.
BUT, since it's Provo, there are about a zillion vespa scooters..
So I didn't think much of it.

We walked through the automatic sliding doors...
 and I saw someone starting to make their way out on the other side.
OH MY GOSH. It's Jared.

I had totally ignored his call and now was hanging out with 2 dudes.
I didn't want him to see me so I started to hide behind Mike & Mitch.
Probably mumbling something like, "No, no, no, no, no"

Well of course Mike didn't know there was anything going on between Jared and I...
And to him, Jared was a cool guy from the ward...
So Mike calls out to Jared and gets his attention to say "Hi."

Jared then sees me and has a really confused look on his face.
Not knowing what to do, I walk up to him and start talking.
I can't remember what I said, but I do remember that it was nonsense talk.
Nothing to make the situation better. I told him I'd text him.

I can't fully describe the feeling that I was feeling at the moment...
But I can tell you that it was an awful feeling.
That sorta feeling you get when you have been caught lying, cheating, stealing.
My heart was racing and I was freaking out.
And at the same time I had to explain to Mike why I was freaking out.
Mike thought it was really funny. Grrrrr...

Well we left Smith's and that's when all of the mean texts came from Jared.
I felt awful - I had totally screwed up any chances of being with him.

I tried to let it ruin my night. I complained & complained.
But being around Mike & Mitch really lightened the mood.
They were hilarious, and it made for such a fun night.
And I got some alone time with Mike. OH YEAH.

The next day, reality set in, and I had to see what I could do about the Jared situation.
I asked him if i could come over to apologize and try to work things out.
I went to his house...apologized... he was hesitant to accept.
Later that night I invited him to ice cream with me and my sis - It went well

But ever since then, I never felt the same way about him.
I wasn't hooked to him like I was hooked to Mike.
So it was bye bye Jared.. Hello Mike Dickson.



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