This chapter is more complicated than I thought
So I'm going to split it up into 2 parts.

Chapter 3.... Part 1

So everything was dandy
Life wasn't PERFECT.. But when is it ever?

One Sunday, I went to church with my roomies
We were on our way into a classroom...
and that's when he (Mike) stopped me.
(We hadn't talked for a couple months)

"Did you get my texts?" is what he said.
Um wh wh wh wh WHAT?
(That's what was going through my brain)
I didn't get any texts from him -- so I asked him what they said.

We walked away from the crowd of people
He then showed me his phone & the texts said something like this...
"I'm single now, are you dating anyone?"
And another text that I can't remember.

This was another one of those heart stopping moments
I'm thinking, "Oh my gosh! I thought this day would never come!"

We talked a little bit...
He asked if I wanted to hangout sometime soon
Um, DUH, of course I wanted to.
When we were done talking we parted ways.

That evening I went over to his house just like old times.
We sat down and talked for a while.
I asked about his old girlfriend...
In a nutshell he told me I was better than her. HA
(ex. bad kisser, not loyal, etc, etc, etc)
That made me even happier to hear.

Then we discussed whether or not we should kiss.
Like, was it too soon? Would he be leading me on?
I told myself I wouldn't kiss him... (and also my roomies)
He had me heartbroken for a while.
Why should I just let him back into my life?
But seriously how could I resist?
So we did. We kissed. And it was good :)

You're probably thinking,
Oh Hooray! They're back together now!

Think again.
I didn't hear from Mike for a couple weeks.
Well sometimes I'd text him and he'd reply with the one word texts.
Don't you haaaate those?!
I figured he got back with his last girlfriend.. :(

This is what was going through my mind,
"Great, I was just barely getting over him,
Then he had to come talk to me, hang out with me, KISS me!"
And now nothing. BOO. I should've known better.

OH, and Jared found out that I kissed Mike...
So that caused some confusion with him.
Thanks a lot Mike! (haha)



Randee Lynn said...

oh my gosh mike is a turd! what a player! haha i'd slap him lol.

Meg Saxton said...

this is so funny. i seriously have always been curious what was going on with you and jared!

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