Have I told you how much I love being away from real life down here in Utah? LOVE IT
Today Mike went down to Provo to go snowmobiling with his brother in law,
But I decided to stay up here so I can spend some more time with my fam.
I went over to my big sisters house and got to see her two little boys that I missed so much!
I brought my new camera over to snap some pictures & was pleasantly surprised w/how good they turned out!

matthew (3 of 40)

matthew (22 of 40)

matthew (10 of 40)matthew (11 of 40)

matthew (17 of 40)matthew (13 of 40)

matthew (40 of 40)
Matthew's reaction when Daddy came home - how cute huh!!

matthew (38 of 40)matthew (39 of 40)



kylie nixon said...

that little baby is amazing! great photos- you have an excellent eye :)

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