Since it was MLK day yesterday, Mike & I had the day off. HOORAY!
We decided to drive about 45 min north and hang out in Bellevue, WA.
Wow Bellevue was nice and fancy. Definitely didn't see any ghettoness there.

We started off by eating here:

Then we went to the mall and bought some new jeans & shoes for Mike.
And I got some new black flats and some grey Toms - Sweet!
Women Ash Canvas Classics TOMS Shoes Side
We walked around the mall for a while...
Going in and out of some nice stores that I normally only get to look at online 
(J Crew, Free People, etc.)

Last but not least we went a movie that I have been dieing to see...

This movie was... hard to watch.
It was all a little too familiar to be honest.
I am so happy that we saw it.
It really has opened our eyes.



Diana Smith said...

I love Bellevue, but it is really fancy and not really practical. I went to that same cheesecake factory too! I want to see Blue Valentine, it looks soooo good!

Bridget said...

i heard blue valentine was suuuuuuper dark and intense. i looove the two of them though so i kinda want to see it.

Anonymous said...

hi, excuse my blog stalking, but yeah, that blue valentine movie was kind of jacked up. So I guess she stopped loving him because he never matured or grew up. And he probably never matured or grew up because he probably wasn't ready for so much so fast when they first started off. I thought both the leads did an amazing job. It was a good movie, and like you say, probably was very close to home for a lot of us out there.

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