• Use my Holga - I've had a holga for over a year now, and I still haven't used it 
  • Tone my legs- My legs are my least favorite body part, and I want to change that
  • Eat healthier- Maybe add some chicken and veggies to my Top Romen ;-)
  • Pick up after myself- So that it doesn't take us hours & hours to clean
  • Take a lot pictures- I'm not too great at photography but w/practice that should change
  • Wash my face E V E R Y D AY- I use to in high school, now I'm just a lazy fart
  • Go to bed when Mike goes to bed- No more falling asleep on this couch
  • Do laundry once a week- So it won't take a full day & $30 bucks to do the laundry



Sara Louise said...

I can admit to adding chicken and veg to my Ramen. Super quick and filling meal :-)
And washing my face every night before bed is on my list too, sometimes I'm just too tired! (tired = lazy)

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