As I said earlier, I now have a nifty little camera remote!
It is actually a quite short remote, so I bought a really cheap extension cord.
It is so so so so so soooo SO great! I don't think I can stress that enough.
Because come on, no one likes using a camera timer. Don't even say you do.

Now I can just calmy stand in front of my camera and snap like 20 pictures,
then tell Mike to come stand by me and snap like 20 more pictures.
LOVE IT. You can buy the remote HERE and the extension cord HERE.

Oh and I also purchased a big GIANT 70" tripod, 
Which also makes this picture taking process easy peasy.
I would give you a link for that, but it's currently unavailable on Amazon.

Enough talking -- Here are some photos I took with the remote and tripod.
Don't mind the business attire and air-dried crazy wavy hair...
Speaking of my hair.. Isn't it getting so long??? And you can most definitely see the ombre!

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Cara VB said...

I can't tell you how much i love ombre hair!

Randee Lynn said...

I ombre'd my hair but it's hard to tell unless you see me in person. Love the pics! I'm gettin a nice camera for my b day! can't wait!

Diana Smith said...

Awesome pictures! I love the lighting. Do you edit them in photoshop?

Emily Dickson said...

@Diana - Thanks so much! I edited these pictures first in Lightroom, then over in Photoshop.

Rach said...

LOVE your photos! And your hair :)

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